sha post

Welcome to Sha Post

Sha Post obligates the expertise to reliable service between Europe, Iraq and Kurdistan, through using road along with air freight. The company offers especial arrangements and deals to the regular customers, business and organizations for their repeated frights. Sha Post has a growing delivery Network which is currently covers more than 35 cities. For more than 3 years and since 2009 the company has been established by its owner (Kazhaw). Subsequently the company has advantages for all its customers and destinations, as people are benefitting from the top quality of European products to Kurdistan and Iraq, as well as the reverse service. Sha Post’s professional staff offers its customers with a superior quality service and local knowledge to satisfy everyone’s requirements, as well as the company’s admittance to its social duties by supporting and delivering medicine free of charge to its customers for individual uses. The best reason to chose Sha Post over other services are the assurance of equipment's safety, speed and prices, which make it's the most competitive service among its competitors.

Our Goals:

Providing the best service to our customers is our main goal, we are guaranteeing our customers with the fastest delivery and most competitive price, besides our consideration to trades and business in our service.